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Tesa 4657 Protective Tape

Tesa 4657 double-sided adhesive tape is a high-grade acrylic coated cloth tape. It is based on a 145 woven cotton and thermosetting natural rubber adhesive. It is aging-resistant, has no residual gum and can protect parts well and reduce labor cost.
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Product description: tesa® 4657 is a 145 mesh cotton woven, high-quality acrylic-coated cloth-based tape coated with thermoset natural rubber. Tesa® 4657 is a flexible cloth-based tape suitable for permanent hole plugging in the automotive industry and masking during industrial painting.


Removes no residue, even in high temperature environments

Excellent aging resistance (suitable for permanent application)

Resistant to paint solvents

Ideal for die cutting, rolls with release paper tesa® 4657 PV9

Products with low unwinding force tesa® 4657 PV 1

main application:

Temperature-resistant shielding during vehicle and machinery production

Shading at the edge of a window

Can even repeat oven drying

Permanent internal and external plugging

Plugging holes for screw mounting holes and drain holes

Partial masking during impregnant treatment

Fixing of flat wiring harness (e.g. ceiling, door edge, mirror wiring harness)

Masking during electrostatic powder coating

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