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Plastic Grit

Dry stripping of parts as aluminum and fibergallss body vehicles and aircraft components. Pretreatment (surface treatment): sand blasting before electroplating, painting, spraying, etc.the surface is absolutely clean, and the adhesion and anti-corrosion ability of the coating are greatly improved.
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Plastic sand

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Depainting of aluminum alloy surfaces, automotive glass fiber bodies, and aircraft parts.

Pre-treatment (surface treatment): all the blasting treatments before plating, painting, spraying, etc. are covered, the surface is absolutely clean, and at the same time, the adhesion of the coating and the ability to prevent corrosion are greatly improved.

Cleaning: Descaling, residues, and dirt on metal parts such as castings, stampings, welding parts, and heat treatment parts; surface cleaning of non-metallic products, automobile components, nuclear purification, detachment of hard shells containing carbon ash, etc.

Refurbishment of old parts: Refurbishment and cleaning of all moving parts such as automobiles, motorcycles, electromechanical equipment, etc. At the same time, fatigue stress is eliminated and the service life is extended.

Burr treatment: removal of minute burrs on machined parts, and removal of burrs on rubber surfaces (if applicable to the field of rubber tires).

Deburring of rubber products, deburring after non-ferrous metal cutting, microburr removal after metal grinding, cleaning of various abrasive tools, and decontamination of transport vehicles.

Specification: MIL-P-85891

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