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Test Shims for Heat Treatment Experiments

Starting from 2017, AMF Aerospace has been providing domestic customers with aviation aluminum plates, extrusions and bars imported from the US, as well as all kinds of alloy plates and bars produced in the US. We can customize, cut and process according to the size requirements of our customers in the US cooperative factory. The products we provide are all attached with the material quality certificate of the US original factory and the detailed test report of the third party.
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Aircraft Aluminum Plate (American Standard)
Grade Temper Surface Material Specification
2014 0     Bare AMS-4028
T6 T651     AMS-4029
0 T6     DMS-1580
0 T3 T6 Clad  
0   T6 Clad 1 Side AMS-QQ-A-250/3
2024 0 T3 T81 Bare AMS-QQ-A-250/4
0       AMS-4035, BAMS 516-010
T3 T351     AMS-4037, FMS-1010
T3 T351 T81   5PTM7G22
T4       CMMP-020
T4 T3 T81 Clad AMS-QQ-A-250/5
0       AMS-4040, BMS-7-305
  T3 T351   AMS-4041
T4       CMMP-020
  T3 T351   AMS-4036
0     Clad 1 Side AMS-4077
0, T3 T4, T42 T62   MMS-1412 (All Tempers)
    T72,T81   MEP 02-015
2124 T351 T851 T8151 Bare AMS-QQ-A-250/29, AMS-4101, FMS-3002
FMS-3008, 5PTM7G08, GM-2007, MMS-1432
2219 0 T31 T37 Bare AMS-QQ-A-250/30, AMS-4031
T81 T87 T351    
0 T31 T81 Clad AMS-4094,AMS-4095,AMS-4096,DMS-1719
6013   T4   Bare AMS-4347
  T6 AMS-4216
T4 T6 FMS-3061
6061 0 T4 T6 Bare AMS-QQ-A-250/11, ASTM-B209
0     AMS-4025
T4 T451   AMS-4026
T6 T651   AMS-4027
0   Clad AMS-4021
7050 T7451     Bare AMS-4050, BMS7-323 Type I, III, BAMS-516-003
    MMS-1439, MMS-1420, 5PTM7B02 5PTM7T08
    BAMS-516-001, CMMP-010, LMA-M7050
    DMS-2233, DMS-2459
T7651   AMS-4201, BAMS-516-001
  T7451 MEP 02-014
7075 0 T6 T73 Bare AMS-QQ-A-250/12
0       AMS-4044, BAMS 516-011
T6 T651 T76   AMS-QQ-A-250/24, AMS-4045
T7351       AMS-4078
T7651 T6   Clad AMS-QQ-A250/13, AMS-QQ-A-250/25
0       AMS-4048
T6 T651     AMS-4049
T73       MMS-159
7475 T6     Bare AMS-4084
T761       AMS-4085
T7651       AMS-4089
T651       AMS-4090
T7351       AMS-4202, BAMS-516-002
0 T61 T761   DMS-2234, DMS-2281, 5PTM7T13
T7651 T7351     FMS-3004
T761 T61   Clad AMS-4100
Aircraft Aluminum Plate (European Standard)
Grade Temper Surface  Material Specification
2014 T6     Bare L-165, L-167
T4 T6 Clad L-164, L-165, L-166, L-167
2024 T3     Bare ABM-1-6095 (A380 ONLY), ASNA-3010,
T351   ASNA-3011, ASNA-3012
T3 Clad ABM 1-1005, AIMS-03-02-020, IPS-03-04-011-01
    L-109, S07-1009, 3.164T3, L-100, LN-9073
T42   ASNA-3042, ASNA-3045, IPS-03-04-012-01
T351   ABM 1-7067, AIMS-03-04-014
T4   ABM 1-7068, AIMS-03-04-010
    AIMS-03-04-009, AIMS-03-05-010
    AIMS-03-04-024, ASNA-6098
0   S07-1010, ABM 1-7068,
F   L-100, L-110, ABM 1-7068, ASNA-3042
2219 0     Clad CR
6061 T4     Bare ABM 2-6027, ASNA-3046
T42 ASNA-3001
T6 ASNA-3047
7010/7050 T7651     Bare ABM 3-1029, ABM 3-1030, ABM 3-1032
7040/7050 T7451   AIMS-03-02-022, ASNA-3048, ASNA-3098
T7451   AIMS-03-02-019, prEN-3982
T76 Clad ABM 3-7045
7075 T6     Bare ASNA-3051
T6 T62 Clad DIN-EN-2092
7175 T7351     Bare ASNA-3050
7475 T7351     Bare AIMS-03-02-009
T7651   AIMS-03-04-029
T76 Clad ASNA-3096, IPS-03-04-029-01, IPS-03-04-029-02
Aluminum Alloy Bar  
Grade Temper Material Specification  
2014 T4, T451 T6, T651 T6510, T6511 AMS-QQ-A-225/4, AMS-QQ-A-200/2  
  T4510, T4511 AMS-4121  
2024 0, T4, T6 T36, T42, T62 T351, T851 AMS-QQ-A-225/6  
0, T3, T42 T3510, T3511 T81, T8510, T8511 AMS-QQ-A-200/3  
T851     AMS 4339  
T4, T351     AMS 4120  
6061 0, T4, T6 T42, T62 T451, T651 AMS-QQ-A-225/8  
0, T1, T4 T42, T4510 T4511, T51 AMS-QQ-A-200/8  
T6, T62 T6510, T6511      
T4     AMS 4116  
T6, T651     AMS 4117  
7050 T76511     AMS 4340  
T73511 AMS 4341  
T74511 AMS 4342  
7075 0, T6, T62 T651, T73 T7351 AMS-QQ-A-225/9  
0, T6, T62 T6510, T6511 AMS-QQ-A-200/11  
T651   AMS 4123  
T7351   AMS 4124  
T6   AMS 4154  
T73   AMS 4166  
T73511   AMS 4167  
T6510   AMS 4168  
T6511   AMS 4169  
F   AMS 4186  
0   AMS 4187  
Extrusion(American Standard)  
Grade Temper       Material Specification  
2014 0 T4 T4511, T6511 AMS-QQ-A-200/2, ASTM B221  
T6 AMS-4153  
2024 0 T3 T3511 AMS-QQ-A-200/3, ASTM B221, AMS-4165  
T8511   T3510 CMMP-011  
    T3510 AMS-4164  
  T3   AMS-4152 AMS-4162  
2219 0 T3511 T8511 ASTM B221, BMS 7-118  
T8511 AMS-4162  
6061 0 T4 T4511, T6511 AMS-QQ-A-200/8, ASTM B221  
T61 AMS-4150  
0 AMS-4160  
T4 AMS-4161  
7050 T73511     AMS-4341  
T76511 AMS-4340  
T74511 AMS-4342  
7075 0 T6511 T73511 AMS-QQ-A-200/11, ASTM B221  
T76511 T76510 T6 AMS-QQ-A-200/15  
T6     AMS-4154  
T73     AMS-4166  
T7351     AMS-4167  
T76510     AMS-4168, BMS 7-180  
T76511     AMS-4169, BMS 7-180  
W511     CMMP012  
7150 T76511     BMS 7-257  
7175 T73511     AMS-4344  
7178 0 T6511 T6510 AMS-QQ-A-200/13, ASTM B221  
Extrusion (European Standard)  
Grade Temper Material Specification  
2014 T6 T651 T6511 AMS-QQ-A-200/2, AMS-4153  
2024 F 0 T3 AMS-QQ-A-200/3, AMS-4152, AMS-4164, AMS-4165, AIMS03-05-007, AIMS03-05-010  
T351 T3510 T3511 ASN-A6030C, ASNA-6080C  
T6511 T8511      
6061 0   T62, T42 AMS-QQ-A-200/8, AMS-QQ-A-200/16, AMS-4150, AMS-4160, AMS-4161, AMS-4173  
T6 T4511 T6511 STD113126  
7050 T73511 T74511 T76511 AMS-4340, AMS-4341, AMS-4342, MMS-1422, AIMS03-05-030  
7075 0 T4 T6 AMS-QQ-A-200/11, AMS-QQ-A-200/15, AMS-4154, AMS-4166, AMS-4167  
T62 T651 T6510 AMS-4168, AMS-4169, IGC04.32.113C, IGC04.32.268B, IGC04.32463C  
T6511 T73 T73510    
T73511 T76 T76511    
  W W511    
7175 0 T73 T73511 AIMS03-05-009, AIMS03-05-019, AMS-4344, IGC04.32.453B, IGC04.32.464  
Stainless steel plate/ test shim          
Grade Condition Material Specifications      
15-5PH   AMS5659      
15-7PH   ASTM-A-564      
17-4PH   AMS5643,AMS5826      
17-7PH   AMS5644,AMS5676,AMS5824      
302   AMS5688,QQ-S-763,MIL-S-7720      
302 Cond.B MIL-S-7720      
303   AMS5640,QQ-S-764      
303 Cond.B QQ-S-764      
304   AMS5639,QQ-S-763,AMS5697      
304 Cond.B QQ-S-763      
304-L   AMS5647,QQ-S-763      
304-L Vac Melt AMS5647,QQ-S-763      
305   AMS5686,AMS5685      
309   AMS5650,QQ-S-763      
314   AMS5652      
316   QQ-S-763,AMS5648,AMS5690,AMS5692      
316 Cond.B Q-S-763      
316-L   AMS5653,QQ-S-763      
321   AMS5645,QQ-S-763,AMS5689      
15-5   AMS5682      
17-4PH   AMS5604,AMS5643      
17-7PH   AMS5528,AMS5529,AMS5568      
302   AMS5516      
304   AMS5513,AMS5639,AMS5560,AMS5566
304-L   AMS5511,AMS5647      
305   AMS5514      
309   AMS5523,AMS5650,AMS5574      
310   AMS5521,AMS5651,AMS5572,AMS5577      
316   AMS5524,AMS5573,AMS5648      
316-L   AMS5507,AMS5653      
317   ASTM-A-240      
317-L   ASTM-A-240      
321   AMS5510,AMS5645,AMS5570,AMS5576      
Steel alloy plate / test shim        
Grade Condition Material Specifications      
4130   AMS6348,6370,6528,6371,6360,6373      
4140   AMS6349,6379,6382,6452,6381      
4320   AMS6299      
4340   AMS6409,6414,6415      
4130   AMS6350,6351,6360,6371      
4140   AMS6395,6381      
4340   AMS6359,6454,6415      
Nickel alloy plate/ test shim          
Grade Condition Material Specifications      
Inco 600   AMS5665,AMS5687      
Inco 625   AMS5666,AMS5837      
Inco 718   AMS5662,AMS5563,AMS5664,AMS5832      
Hastelloy C   AMS5750      
Nickel 200   ASTM-B-160      
Nickel 400   AMS4675,AMS4730,QQ-N-281      
Nickel 405   AMS4674      
Inco 600   AMS5540,AMS5580      
Inco 625   AMS5599,AMS5581,PWA1069,PWA1072      
Inco 718   AMS5589,AMS5590,A,S5596      
Hastelloy C   AMS5530      
Nickel 400   AMS4574,AMS4544,QQ-N-261      
Titanium alloy plate/ test shim          
Grade Temper Condition Material Specifications    
6AI-4V Annealed   AMS4928,AMS4954,MIL-T-9047    
6AI-4V Extra Low Interstital   AMS4930,AMS4956,MIL-T-9047    
6AI-4V Extra Low Interstital,Duples Annealed   AMS4931,MIL-T-9047    
6AI-4V Solution&Precipitation   AMS4965    
6AI-4V Annealed   AMS4967,MIL-T-9047    
6AI-4V Annealed   AMS4911,AMS4935,AMS4934    
6AI-4V Extra Low Interstital   AMS4907,MIL-T-9046    


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