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24Vdc Series MagnaValves use for Wheel Blast Machiens
24Vdc Series MagnaValves use for Wheel Blast Machiens Specifications Power: +24 Vdc 2A (50 VA) ±24 Vdc Media: Cast steel shot and Cast steel grit Mode:Normally closed Flow output:0 ? 10 Vdc Servo Command Input Controllers:AC-24 POT-24
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MagnaValves use for Air blast machine
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FC-24 Controller
FC-24 Controller Power:24 Vdc Monitors flow rate: lb/min and kg/min Digital display High-low alarm contacts Accepts remote command setpoint Provides analog recorder output Easy panel mounting GE Compliant use for magnavalve:576-24, 577-24,578-24, 579-24, 580-24, 590-24,500-24,700-24
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700-24 Non MagnaValve
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Almen strip
directly from the USA manufacturer corrosion protection packing in resistant 50ps carton boxes or 1000pcs boxes (depends on requirement &quality) no mechanical deformation after heat treatment to meet flatness requirements tighter hardness tolerance for Aero Strips strips to any specification provided with certificate of compliance each strip comes with a tracking no stock in China Batch number printed on each strip.
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Almen strip Holder
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Aero Almen test kit includes
Aero Almen test kit includes Carrying case Aero Almen Gage Zero Block Aero Almen Strip Holder 100 pcs Aero Almen Strips Angle Indicator Needle Gage Magnifying Glass Tape Measure Clip Board Marking Pen Stop Watch Instruction Manual
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Almen Gage
Almen Gage Type: TSP-3 Used for A, N, C Strips and Aluminum Strips Digital Display (Resolution ratio up to 0.001mm) Switchable between Inch and Metric Patented magnetic grip and fool proof end stops In compliance with SAE AMS2430 and SAE J442 Flatness calibration block included Convenient battery replacement Easy to use
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