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Fluoro-Finder III Tracer
Fluoro-Finder III Tracer Effectively display the coverage after shot peening/blasting process. Mirroring the uniformity and completeness of the shot peening process in a direct visual way. Help avoid 200% coverage for complete shot peening. Meet specification AMS-S-13165, GE D50TF9 A Rev.S3. Get liquid form by blending with methyl ethyl ketone(MEK) Paint it on the part surface, and then wait until it gets dry before starting shot peening process.
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InspectViewTM Camera
InspectViewTM Camera Especially applicable to inspect the coverage of inner hole after shot peening/blasting. Tip Diameter 5.8mm, with four variable brightness LEDs. Equipped with 10X, 20X, and 30X magnifying glasses. Allow to take quality pictures and videos of the inspection area. Weight only 397g, truly portable, easy to use. Installed with 3.5” extra wide TFT display. Pictures and videos can be imported to a computer through USB interface. Equipped with 1 or 2 Gygabyte memory card to store thousands of pictures.
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Coverage Checker
Coverage Checker Automatic check to avoid human error. Keep stable performance and generate consistent results by different operators. Easy to use, even a beginner can use it as proficiently as an experienced operator. Applicable to inspect the coverage of narrow areas on the aviation parts as well as the inner spring coil. Connectable to nozzles to check the coverage of inner holes. Accompanied by focus adjustment tool to check the coverage on curve surface. With USB interface (data line included) to connect with a computer. Compatible with Windows XP(32 bit) and Window 7(32bit) operating
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