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WECO Separator Siever Kit
SWECO Separator SWECO Separator has a base made of carbon steel and coil springs of high tolerance, its surfaces with epoxy resin antierosion coatings. This specific motors installed in SWECO Separators. SWECO Screens have frames made of SUS304 stainless steel and surfaces being shot peened by glass beads.
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Portable controllable pneumatic shot peening machine
Portable controllable pneumatic shot peening machine Type:SMARTPEEN Suitable for Shot peening and maintenance in Aviation parts. Integrated with touching control screen, pressure control module, flow control module, shot peening time and strength control module, shot peening saturation curve module, Closed-loop shot peening system, Material negative pressure recovery, portable movement for easily operation.
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W.S.Tyler Ro-Tap Sieve Shaker and Sieve
It works by combining horizontal rotation and vertical tapping movement to simulate manual sieving. Driven by a vertically installed and fully closed motor with 1/4 horsepower, this equipment can hold 6pcs of full-height or 13pcs of half-height sieves at one time. The sieves have mesh size ranging from 20μm to 125mm, sieve frame of bronze or stainless steel, and sieve diameter of 203mm or 200mm. Optional accessories to this equipment include sieve cleaning device, noise absorption cabinet and particle analysis software.Maximum load of media: 3kgs.
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Portable Needle peening tool
Meets all aviation AMS2545 Shot peening and maintenance standard. The principle of the needle peening avoids the Foreign Object Debris (F.O.D) in the whole shot peening operation. The strong power generates sufficient shot peening strength within 5N-15N and 4A-16A to meet all the requirements of normal shot peening request and further more to generate the required shot peening compressive residual stress. Shot peening data real-time storage, convenient output by USB for further process analysis and archive.Shot peening process is controllable and also repeated accurately. Complex parts structure, easy to be achieved by this shot peening equipment.
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