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Tungsten Carbide Nozzles
Tungsten carbide nozzles have moderate hardness and density, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life. They are widely used in the sand blasting industry and shot peening, and are ideal accessories for sand blasting equipment.abrasive use.
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Silicon carbide venturi nozzl
Silicon carbide venturi nozzle with long life and low cost at high cost performance which used in blasting more and more.
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Tungsten Carbide Venturi Nozzle
Tungsten Carbide Venturi Nozzle Due to its hardness, low density and excellent wear and anti-corrosion, Tungsten Carbide.Nozzles have been widely used in sandblasting and shot peening equipment, offering a long life with optimum air and abrasive use.
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Sand Blasting Rubber Hose
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Rotary nozzle head
Rotary nozzle head features an extremely compact design and enables the internal shot peening of bores and grooves with high is especially suitable for robot applications. The rotary head movementis performed by an integral direct drive which features redundant speed monitoring - a guarantee for the highest degree of process reliability.Even existing machines can be retrofitted with this head, for example by fitting a Stand-Alone control box and system interface.
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Inner Hole Blasting Nozzle
Inner Hole Blasting Nozzle We supply inner hole blasting nozzles of more than 100 types. The inner diameter can range from φ0.091”-0.71”(φ2.3-18mm)to meet various customers'need. We also supply customized products.
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TubePipeline inwall blasting gun
Tube/Pipeline inwall blasting gun Suitable for 400mm-900mm inner wall tube/Pipeline blasting or shot peening.
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