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Flap peen Accessory
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Suhner:ROTOMAX 1.5
Suhner:ROTOMAX 1.5 Power:230V,50HZ,1Ph。 Net weight:27.4Kg Allow stepless speed regulation through the control panel LED display to show the rotation speed Rotation speed range500-15000rpm Mild start and built-in brake Three types available: With-base, Movable, and hanging type
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Portable Flap Peening Device FlapSpeed
FlapSpeed?Comply with or even exceed all currently used Flap Peening standards, such as AMS2590, Nadcap, OEM requirements and Military standard.With sturdy and durable 5.7 inch (145mm) QVGA touching-type colorful display screen as the user interface.Installed with integrated saturation curve solver(3M/AMS2590 and 0.77) available in two types of magnetic correction functions, small but powerful hand-held clamp holder with flexible shaft 25ft(7.7m) long.Best rotation speed can bemaintained along the whole working process. Automatic stop and alarm will be issued once the process limit is exceeded. Important processing data can be stored in a U-key. The device is accompanied by stopwatch and countdown timer, compatible with multi-language and measurement system, calibration certificates and user manuals provided.
Details 白箭头 黑箭头
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