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24Vdc Series MagnaValves use for Wheel Blast Machiens
24Vdc Series MagnaValves use for Wheel Blast Machiens Specifications Power: +24 Vdc 2A (50 VA) ±24 Vdc Media: Cast steel shot and Cast steel grit Mode:Normally closed Flow output:0 ? 10 Vdc Servo Command Input Controllers:AC-24 POT-24
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FC-24 Controller
FC-24 Controller Power:24 Vdc Monitors flow rate: lb/min and kg/min Digital display High-low alarm contacts Accepts remote command setpoint Provides analog recorder output Easy panel mounting GE Compliant use for magnavalve:576-24, 577-24,578-24, 579-24, 580-24, 590-24,500-24,700-24
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700-24 Non MagnaValve
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