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Indestructible Paint PL470 is a quick air drying Molybdenum Di-Sulphide Dry Film Lubricant. Supplied is a 100ml bottle. PL470 has been tested for chemical resistance; quick drying and lubricity.
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PL237-R2 is a high temperature resistant Molybdenum disulphide loaded dry film lubricant coating. Developed at Rolls Royce request to comply with regulations for the environment specified in their collaboration to meet specifications for JSF that makes certain solvents used in the R1 version unusable.Often used as an alternative to MolyKote 3400A
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Spray, bake and cure, silicone resin modified dry film lubricant, suitable for high working temperature, where conventional oils and greases cannot be used. Suitable for steel, aluminum, magnesium and titanium alloys.
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