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Highly resistant polyimide Stoving enamel with good heat, corrosion and aircraft fluid resistance. It is suitable for operating temperatures of up to 300°C (570?°F). Also used in conjunction with IP9310 and IP9029 for protecting magnesium running at 300°C (570°F) for example on the Viper engine.
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Adiprene LW520 Ethacure 100 Erosion Resistant Coating A Two-Component clear erosion resistant coating for use as an abrasion and erosion resistant coating. Typically used as a protective coating where composite components require protection from rain and sand erosion.
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IP1041 IPAL Diffusion Coating Ipal IP1041 diffused aluminide coating is designed as a protective coating for gas turbine hot section parts at temperatures up to 1000oC. Ipal IP1041 is used for sulphidation protection in industrial and marine gas turbines. Often used on nickel-based turbine alloy materials.
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IP6-9000 Low VOC 2 Pack Polyurethane Gloss Black A low VOC, air drying, pigmented or clear polyurethane finishing scheme, formulated to provide a flexible and chemically resistant coating for all aircraft applications. The coating is designed for extreme environments relevant to aerospace, military and space applications where exceptional colour and gloss retention allied with environmental protection are key requirements. IP6 coatings meet BSX 34 A&B and are used with conventional BSX 33 chromate primer, or more recently our chrome free 2 pack epoxy(IP3)primer, and if necessary BSX32 etch-primer, or latest technology chrome free version.
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750-450-004 Rockhard Two Pack Clear Epoxy Gloss Rockhard two pack epoxy clear gloss is for use where the use of a stoving coating is not possible or desirable. This coating can be used on a wide variety of substrates including, metals, wood, asbestos, many synthetic rubbers and plastic. 750-450-004 is used as the touch-up coating for 576-450-002 Rockhard Epoxy Stoving clear coat.
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700-155-005 Epoxy Matt Black Rockhard two pack epoxy matt black for use where baking is not possible or desirable. The coating can be used on a wide variety of substrates including metals, wood, asbestos, glass, many synthetic rubbers and plastics. 700-155-005 can be used as a touch-up material to Rockhard Baking Matt Black coating (615-155-001). Although this is an air-curing product, the coating performance is equivalent to the baking coating for many applications. In order to enhance the early formation of chemical resistance, the coating can be force dried at 125oC (255oF) for 30 minutes
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Rockhard Stoving Matt Black has been developed to meet the latest requirements of the aerospace industry and multiple Customer specifications. The coating is designed for used primarily on aero-engine, heat exchanger and helicopter gearbox components on a variety of substrates including magnesium/aluminium/steel and titanium. The cured coating is a tough durable weather resistant finish that will withstand many harsh environments and chemical resistance requirements. Uses include non-reflective coatings on optical instruments, laser enclosures and military non-reflective applications.
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Rockhard Clear Stoving Enamel is a single component stoving coating that offers protection to metals against erosion, corrosion, including salt water and chemical resistance at elevated temperatures, particularly on Aluminium and Magnesium.The R1 version of 576-450-002 removes an environmentally unacceptable solvent from the wet coating.
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