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Glass Bead

The high-quality glass raw materials been melted, cooled into a ball, and then annealed to make it compressive and shatter resistant. The surface of particles is smooth and transparent, free of surface dent, bulge or stain.Different particle and application which can be matted or glossy treated.The component treated by sandblasted can achieve the special effection.
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Glass bead

It melts the high-quality glass raw material fragments, cools it into a spherical shape, and then anneals to make it uniform in compression and crush resistance. The particles are smooth and transparent, and the surface has no depressions, no protrusions, and no stains. According to the size and use of the particle, the surface of the particles can be matt or shiny, and the parts marked or sandblasted can achieve the effect of decoration or other special treatment.


Its chemical composition is inert silica, and there is no concern about chemical activity interference. Round elastic granules, impact resistant, can be reused many times with less loss. It has less wear on the nozzle and can prolong the service life of the nozzle. It does not damage the machined surface and precise dimensions of the part. After treatment, the surface of the part's workpiece is smooth and has a special aesthetic sense, which improves the quality of the product. It is widely suitable for Yu dry blasting and wet blasting processes. The fine cracks on the metal surface are more easily visible with wet glass blasting.

Product Usage:

Road traffic: Its high reflectivity makes it more visible in traffic signs, and is used for road and highway markings around the world.

Shot peening: the use of compressed air as the driving force, glass beads as a medium, high-speed and high-pressure spray on the surface of the workpiece for shot peening and finishing. Does not damage the workpiece, the size of the processed workpiece will not change. It can withstand strong pressure and is suitable for repeated use with sandblasting machinery. Shot peening the workpiece to enhance its internal stress and retain the original tension, reducing cracks caused by cracking or corrosion.

Product standards: AMS2431 / 6C, MIL-G-9954A, HB / Z 26-92

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