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Aerospace fasteners lubrication properties coatings
Aerospace fasteners lubrication properties coatings
Aerospace fastener lubricating performance coatings are mainly used to prevent galvanic corrosion and provide lubrication for aviation fasteners. The coating is a phenolic resin-based coating filled with anti-corrosive pigments, aluminum pigments and / or lubricating pigments. Coating corrosion-resistant materials, such as titanium alloys, corrosion-resistant steels, and nickel-based alloys to prevent galvanic corrosion in aluminum alloy structures, provide lubrication for thread friction and interference fit components, and prevent corrosive chemicals (paint removers, Jet fuel, hydraulic oil, cleaning solvents) strictly adhere to aircraft exterior paint schemes and environmentally friendly sealants. Meets aerospace specifications: EN4473, BMS 10-85, NAS 4006, HS294 and HS292 approved applicators.
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